Orchard-Rite® Ltd., Inc. is committed to the health and well-being of its employees, sub-contractors and customers. Orchard-Rite protects the natural environment by minimizing waste and employing innovative recycling methods - protecting the earth for future generations.

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Health & Safety

Air Quality:

All Orchard-Rite facilities are equipped with air filtration systems certified by the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency. These system provide safe air-quality for employees and improves the quality of air being discharged from the production facilities.


All Orchard-Rite production areas utilize LED lighting for a safe, comfortable, energy efficient work environment.

Employee Safety:

Orchard-Rite created a traffic control system that increases efficiency in material transportation in and out of all production areas. This reduces energy costs and greatly improves employee safety.

Orchard-Rite built wind machine tower lifting devices that significantly reduce loading time and save energy. This improves employee safety by greatly reducing human contact during the loading process.

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Environmental Impact

Recycle & Reuse Wood Products:

Approximately 60% of unusable engine crates and pallets are sent to a waste collection facility where the material is chipped. The chips are used as a cover for landfill waste which improves air-quality, prevents wind-blown trash, and provides dust abatement on the landfill and nearby roadways. Wood packaging, such as pallets, are returned to the original vendors for reuse.

Recycle Metal Waste:

Swarf, i.e., metal chips from Orchard-Rite’s machining processes, are compressed into pucks and are recycled along with all other metal waste material.

Recycle & Reuse Waste Machining Fluid:

Fluids that are left over after machining are processed in Orchard-Rite’s facility through an evaporator and centrifuge. The fluid is tested and brought back to standard for reuse and the waste byproduct is sent to an oil recycling facility.

Recycle Paper Products:

All used and excess paper products are properly shredded and sent out for recycling. All used cardboard boxes and packaging are collected in on-site recycling bins and are later recycled.

Learning documentation, which used to be completed in paper form, is now managed through a paperless “Learning Management System (LMS).” Additionally, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are organized through a database system rather than paper-consuming notebooks.

Air Quality from Paint Booths:

100% of all Orchard-Rite painting stations incorporate GFS Wave filtration systems which have a 99.94% efficiency rate in minimizing harmful particle emissions in the air. In addition to protecting the environment, a clean exhaust air stream shields the paint booth’s exhaust chamber, ductwork, and fan from overspray accumulation.

Chemical Usage:

Chemicals previously used within the Orchard-Rite manufacturing and painting process that have been found to be hazardous, have either been eliminated or substituted for less toxic chemicals. Additionally, it is Orchard-Rite’s objective to eliminate or substitute all identified hazardous chemicals with non-toxic materials.

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Employee Sustainability


Orchard-Rite offers its employees a complete medical benefits package that includes medical, vision, and term life insurance free of cost for its employees. Additionally employees are offered options for dental, spouse and family medical plans, and additional life insurance packages at competitive rates.

Safety Committee:

Employee safety is encouraged via a safety committee, comprised of managers from each production area. Monthly safety meetings are held to review safety concerns and implement improved safety practices.

Ideas and Suggestions:

Employee suggestion boxes are located throughout the Orchard Rite production facilities. All employees are encouraged to provide feedback and new ideas on safety and production efficiency via the suggestion boxes. Constructive suggestions are always welcome from any employee at Orchard-Rite.

Employee Training:

Many paid certification and safety training programs are offered to Orchard-Rite employees, including but not limited to: Fork Lift Safety Training (FLST) and certification and EPA technician training and certification. Additionally, Orchard-Rite human resources offers Customer Service training and Management and Supervisory position training for personnel transitioning into new positions within the company.

At Orchard-Rite, we care about the health and safety of our people, the environment we share, and the world we serve.