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Tree Shakers

Two-Piece Receiver specifications

Just like Orchard-Rite’s Monoboom and Bullet, the two-piece shaker also offers many of the same unique features including Hydra-Shake™ for a concise, powerful shake, AccuShake™ to customize shaking profiles and the Wet-Head® cooling system.

Additionally, the Orchard-Rite two-piece shaker offers a unique canvas tensioning system for increased strength and a deck that is 1,500 pounds lighter than other two piece shakers found in the industry.

Two piece receiver in orchard

Fully Adjustable Receiver Cab Seat with Armrest.

Bin Options: Bin Rack Holds 5 Standard Pistachio Bins. Cherry Fork & Bulk Cart Attachment.

33 x 15.50-16.5 14 ply Traction Tires

Deflector Deck with High quality Rip-Stop fabric.

High-Strength Frame Fabricated from Lightweight Steel.

Large 5.7” Dash Display display. Backlit, Touchscreen, in English & Spanish.

Two-Piece Receiver Specifications

Engine* CAT 3.6L 120HP
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons / 208.19 liters
DEF Tank 5 gallons / 18.92 liters
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 33 gallons / 124.91 liters
Drive Fully hydrostatic with three separate wheel motors
Width 9’2” / 2.74m, Bin tray & conveyor down
Length 32’ / 9.75m
Weight 14,000 lbs. / 6350 kg
Tire Size 33L x 15.5, 14 ply
Air Cleaner Donaldson® Filtration Technology
Hydraulic Systems/Display Danfoss PLUS+1 DP700

*Engines available in all markets. Tier 3 & 4 engines available in different, select markets. Contact a dealer to learn more. Read about how diesel exhaust may affect your health.

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