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From our home in Yakima, Washington, we operate two manufacturing and assembly plants which have supplied approximately 70 percent of the wind machines / frost fans, in operation worldwide.

The Orchard-Rite family was born in 1967, a grassroots business operating out of a small warehouse in rural Washington. Seven employees formed the original team and over the years, three generations of the founder’s family and a dedicated team of longtime employees have kept the Orchard-Rite mission alive.

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Manufacturing Solutions

Orchard-Rite’s headquarters are in the heart of agriculture country in Yakima, Washington. Being surrounded by farms, orchards and vineyards puts us close to the issues that can affect crop health and harvest.

At our 104,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly plant, we set the standards for producing the highest quality and most innovative tree shakers and wind machines / frost fans world-wide. Your crops are your livelihood, and your livelihood deserves the industry’s best.

Our products are built by employees who take pride in their work. They are honored to be trusted with the crops that support your families and ensure your future. We build each machine with skilled engineers and precision robotics. From the wires in our Auto-Start boxes, to the doors on our tree shakers, from the bright red paint on our gear boxes to our shaker heads, we never let a part leave our facility without careful inspection for quality. We take pride in the details, because that’s what makes the difference between a good and a great harvest season.

Orchard-Rite employees, dealers and service providers work around the clock to make sure you have the best experience possible. We provide practical, economical solutions for harvesting nuts by day, and the industry’s most reliable frost protection by night.

At Orchard-Rite we put innovation to work for you.

A History of Performance

Growing up in rural Washington, co-founder Daryl Hill noticed how frost can damage an entire crop and jeopardize the farmers in his community. Hill wanted to create something to help these farmers and allow their businesses to thrive.

It was a time of trial and error and in 1967, the company began making oil-fired orchard heaters. Rising petroleum prices soon made the heaters an expensive option for frost protection. This did not temper Hill’s determination to help his community and he went to work developing a solution.

Hill’s family can recall measuring cups mysteriously disappearing from the kitchen only to be found in the shop where he meticulously hand-cut the first Orchard-Rite blades. Five years later, Orchard-Rite started selling wind machines, the industry’s most effective way to curb the damaging effects of frost.

The company grew and in 1990 Orchard-Rite addressed another need in the ag industry – a practical and effective way to remove nuts from trees. Orchard-Rite’s innovative design and sound engineering practices produced a shaker of unparalleled quality and dependability.

For over 50 years, we have been dedicated to serving you by listening to your needs, producing premier products, and providing superior service. We will continue this mission for the next 50 years and beyond.

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Co-founder, Daryl Hill