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Bullet® tree shaker specifications

Our highly efficient Bullet® is rugged and compact, yet powerful. We designed this shaker for down-the-row driving from tree to tree, with no need for backing up and with reduced soil compaction. It features heavy-duty energy wheel bearings, a 50-degree shaker head roll, and is equipped with lights for nighttime harvesting.

Hydra-Shake™ operating system offers faster delivery and customizable rate of power, allowing for a concise, powerful shake so the operator can shake more in less time

AccuShake™ uniformly shakes the orchard using variation in shake timing and engine speed, clearing trees faster and easier than ever before

WetHead® cooling and lubrication system, featuring Shurflo® electric injection sytem

Caterpillar diesel engines which meet the EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations

Safety features such as back up cameras, reduced engine noise, LED lighting, and reinforced boom anchor assembly

Comfort design with A/C and heat, bluetooth stereo, adjustable seat and foot control pedals, telescopic steering wheel, and floatation tires

Easy to follow digital pressure read outs and English and Spanish metric display

Hydrostatic transmissions and hydraulic reversing fan

Easy to use automatic sweeps reinforced with sweeper lift cylinders

Crop-specific shaker heads

Maximize your harvest with features like these…


To make sure you’re purchasing a top-of-the-line product, Orchard-Rite engineers the shaker heads at our manufacturing plant in Yakima, Washington. This means better service to address your specific needs. We have designed the innovative 108 Almond and Walnut head to work with the Bullet tree shaker.

Able to be equipped on both shaker models, this head can be used on a variety of trees and offers bolt on sling studs and easy crop-specific shake patterns. This head is typically used on our Bullet® to harvest all types of almonds and high density walnut and pecan plantings. With reinforced case, pins, and cylinders, it can endure the longest harvest.

Bullet® Specifications

Engine* CAT 4.4L 147.6HP
Boom Reach n/a
WetHead® Cooling and Lubrication System Shurflo® electric injection system
Fuel Capacity 47 gallons / 177.91 liters
DEF Tank 5 gallons / 18.92 liters
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 46 gallons / 174.13 liters
Water Tank Capacity 47 gallons / 177.91 liters
Drive Fully hydrostatic
Width 12’ 1-1/8” / 3.07m, Head attached
Length 18’ 6-5/8” / 4.71m
Weight 11,680 lbs. / 5297.96 kg
Shaker Pad Length 24” / 609.60mm
Tire Size 14L x 16.1 12 ply
Air Cleaner Donaldson® Filtration Technology
Hydraulic Systems/Display Danfoss PLUS+1 DP700

*Engines available in all markets. Tier 3 & 4 engines available in different, select markets. Contact a dealer to learn more.
*Read about how diesel exhaust may affect your health.

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