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Orchard-Rite developed ORCell™ to give you complete control over your wind machines from anywhere around the world with an internet connection. This technology informs you in real time about the status of your wind machines / frost fans, reducing the labor costs necessary to monitor them during the frost season. ORCell™ increases your team’s efficiency, saving you time, effort, and your crops.

Features & Benefits

Save Time AND Reduce Labor Costs with ORCell™

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Remotely monitor and control your Orchard-Rite® wind machines

  • Monitor, start and stop your wind machines / frost fans
  • Adjust wind machine / frost fan start and stop temperatures remotely
  • Check engine status
  • Monitor wind machine / frost fan fuel tanks
  • Unlimited number of users can be set up with unique usernames and passwords
  • Receive customized notifications via text or email
  • Capable on any device: desktop or laptop computer, tablet or cell phone
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Collect and manage data

  • Track your machine operation, fuel levels and consumption
  • Easily export data to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Utilize data to enhance your decisions
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Swiftly respond to emergencies

  • Get e-mail or text notifications the moment an issue occurs on a number of customer-specified criteria, including temperature, critical alarms, battery voltage and fuel levels
  • Run diagnostics with status logs
  • Know precise locations of emergencies
  • Warnings will be sent to all users who choose to set notifications to “On”

How ORCell™ Works

Orchard-Rite’s ORCell™, cellular remote monitoring communications system, allows growers and orchardists to remotely monitor air temperature, engine speed, battery voltage, and engine status from anywhere!

Nodes are installed on each wind machine / frost fan and are connected to your AutoStart™ system. They communicate with the gateway. The gateway on the tower sends the data collected to your desktop, laptop, tablet or cellphone via the ORCell™ website.

From the internet, the ORCell™ website provides live status updates so you’re always informed. Receive emails and text alerts while you’re on-the-go and adjust setting of all of your machines as needed. ORCell™ provides you convenience and peace of mind while also saving you time and money.

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