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Orchard-Rite® tree shakers are engineered, assembled, marketed, and serviced by people who have a vested interest in your success. Experience pure performance when you harvest with an Orchard-Rite® tree shaker.

Crop-specific shaker heads

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Crop-specific shaker heads and shake patterns

Utilizing decades of field experience Orchard-Rite designs and builds innovative shaker heads with your success in mind.

Orchard-Rite has spent the past 28 years improving shake patterns and adding customization so you can switch between patterns quickly during harvest. Each nut variety requires different osculating acceleration patterns to release them from the tree, while the tree itself can only withstand so much energy transfer before becoming damaged. Hydraulic systems designed in-house address this concern, giving you complete control, maximal harvest, and no crop damage.

Able to be equipped on both shaker models, this head can be used on a variety of trees and offers bolt on sling studs and easy crop-specific shake patterns. This head is typically used on our Bullet® to harvest all types of almonds and high density walnut and pecan plantings. With reinforced case, pins, and cylinders, it can endure the longest harvest.

Available for the Orchard-Rite® Monoboom™, this head was designed to be powerful enough to shake even the toughest nut off the tree. It is typically used in walnuts and pecans and is capable of doing both scaffold and trunk shaking. Our engineers crafted this head with an expanded case to offer a wider swing radius, clearing larger trees faster.

Included on all standard Orchard-Rite models...

Standard Features

Hydra-Shake™ operating system offers faster delivery and customizable rate of power, allowing for a concise, powerful shake so the operator can shake more in less time

AccuShake™ uniformly shakes the orchard using variation in shake timing and engine speed, clearing trees faster and easier than ever before

WetHead® cooling and lubrication system, featuring Shurflo® electric injection sytem

Caterpillar diesel engines which meet the EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations

Safety features such as back up cameras, reduced engine noise, LED lighting, and reinforced boom anchor assembly

Comfort design with A/C and heat, bluetooth stereo, adjustable seat and foot control pedals, telescopic steering wheel, and floatation tires

Easy to follow digital pressure read outs and English and Spanish metric display

Hydrostatic transmissions and hydraulic reversing fan

Easy to use automatic sweeps reinforced with sweeper lift cylinders

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You can count on an Orchard-Rite tree shaker

The Monoboom™ and the Bullet® are designed and engineered using the expertise and high standards for quality that set Orchard-Rite apart.

The quality tree shakers from Orchard-Rite provide pure performance.

Tree shaker specifications


Our highly efficient Bullet® is rugged and compact, yet powerful. We designed this shaker for down-the-row driving from tree to tree, with no need for backing up and with reduced soil compaction. It features heavy-duty energy wheel bearings, a 50-degree shaker head roll, and is equipped with lights for nighttime harvesting.


Our industry standard Monoboom™ is designed with a boom anchor assembly, providing maximum resistance to breakage. With a long boom reach, this machine can scaffold and trunk shake. We have also designed the Monoboom™ to be compatible with the Side Shooter® for down-the-row harvesting as an optional accessory.

Bullet® Monoboom™ Compare Models
Engine* Bullet®: CAT 4.4L 147.6HP Engine* Monoboom™: CAT 4.4L 147.6HP
Standard Features Bullet®: Hydra-Shake™ for shaking more in less time. AccuShake™ for clearing trees faster. Standard Features Monoboom™: Hydra-Shake™ for shaking more in less time. AccuShake™ for clearing trees faster.
Boom Reach Bullet®: n/a Boom Reach Monoboom™: 17’ 7-3/4”
WetHead® Cooling and Lubrication System Bullet®: Shurflo® electric injection system WetHead® Cooling and Lubrication System Monoboom™: Shurflo® electric injection system
Fuel Capacity Bullet®: 47 gallons Fuel Capacity Monoboom™: 39 gallons
Def Tank Bullet®: 5 gallons Def Tank Monoboom™: 5 gallons
Hydraulic Oil Capacity Bullet®: 46 gallons Hydraulic Oil Capacity Monoboom™: 24 gallons
Water Tank Capacity Bullet®: 47 gallons Water Tank Capacity Monoboom™: 32 gallons
Drive Bullet®: Fully hydrostatic Drive Monoboom™: Fully hydrostatic
Width (head attached) Bullet®: 12’ 2-1/8” Width (head attached) Monoboom™: 8’ 4-1/8”
Shaker Length Bullet®: 18’ 6-5/8” Shaker Length Monoboom™: 28’ 4-1/4”
Shaker Weight Bullet®: 11,680 lbs Shaker Weight Monoboom™: 14,200 lbs
Shaker Pad Length Bullet®: 24" Shaker Pad Length Monoboom™: 24"
Tire Size Bullet®: 14L x 16.1 12 ply Tire Size Monoboom™: 14L x 16.1 12 ply
Air Cleaner Bullet®: Donaldson® Dual Element Sy-Klone® pre-cleaner Air Cleaner Monoboom™: Donaldson® Dual Element Sy-Klone® pre-cleaner
Hydraulic Systems/Display Bullet®: Danfoss PLUS+1® systems Hydraulic Systems/Display Monoboom™: Danfoss PLUS+1® systems

*Engines available in all markets. Tier 3 & 4 engines available in different, select markets. Contact a dealer to learn more.
*Read about how diesel exhaust may affect your health.

Tree Shaker Innovations

Orchard-Rite introduced our first tree shaker model in 1990 and since then we have been building upon the innovative design to bring you maximum comfort and speed during harvest. These improved designs also create more efficient servicing to minimize down time.


Developed with the operator in mind, the AccuShake™ system allows for a consistent shake throughout the orchard while maximizing yield. Prior to AccuShake™, operators were required to manually shake each tree using an “internal clock”. A talented operator could keep the timing somewhat consistent while also fluctuating the throttle pedal, increasing and decreasing the speed of the shake motor. Unfortunately, these operators are hard to find. Orchard-Rite® designed the AccuShake™ program to give growers the ability to toggle between preset shaking profiles. This automatically varies shake time and engine RPM, providing a more uniform shake and maximum removal.


Originated by Orchard-Rite®, the Wet Head® system was designed to keep trees safe and extend the life of the pads and slings. By injecting a water and silicone solution between the long and short slings, the rubber easily glides over the surface, keeping friction and heat to a minimum. This free movement also allows for safer contact with trees, reducing the risk of barking.


The HydraShake™ system by Orchard-Rite® is one of the first innovations created to make harvest season simpler and more efficient. With the first prototype, shake speed and acceleration were only available at the maximum output of the engine, which was too violent for younger trees. As technology has progressed, Orchard-Rite® has been able to precisely control the aggressiveness of the shake pattern, tailoring the shake for each size and variety of tree. HydraShake™ has given operators complete control of the shaking process, something that is unmatched by the competition.

Side Shooter®

The Side Shooter® is the precursor to the Orchard-Rite Bullet®. While it offers similarities to the Bullet®, a Monoboom™ shaker equipped with a Side-Shooter® attachment, allows for a much higher reach into the canopy. The tilt section is interchangeable, allowing growers the benefit of a down-the-row shaker while still being able to adjust back to a standard front-facing Monoboom™ when needed. This offers flexibility and versatility for growers with both large and small trees. When farmers need to harvest down-the-row, and need the extended reach of a Monoboom™, we recommend using the Side Shooter® attachment.