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The Monoboom™ and the Bullet® are designed and engineered using the expertise and high standards for quality that set Orchard-Rite apart. Our newest Two-Piece Shaker also offers many of the same unique features plus a unique canvas tensioning system for increased strength and a deck that is 1,500 pounds lighter than other two piece shakers found in the industry.

Orchard-Rite® tree shakers are engineered, assembled, marketed, and serviced by people who have a vested interest in your success.

Experience pure performance when you harvest with an Orchard-Rite® tree shaker.

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Tree Shaker Innovations

Orchard-Rite introduced our first tree shaker model in 1990 and since then we have been building upon the innovative design to bring you maximum comfort and speed during harvest. These improved designs also create more efficient servicing to minimize down time.


Developed with the operator in mind, the AccuShake™ system allows for a consistent shake throughout the orchard while maximizing yield. Prior to AccuShake™, operators were required to manually shake each tree using an “internal clock”. A talented operator could keep the timing somewhat consistent while also fluctuating the throttle pedal, increasing and decreasing the speed of the shake motor. Unfortunately, these operators are hard to find. Orchard-Rite® designed the AccuShake™ program to give growers the ability to toggle between preset shaking profiles. This automatically varies shake time and engine RPM, providing a more uniform shake and maximum removal.


Originated by Orchard-Rite®, the Wet Head® system was designed to keep trees safe and extend the life of the pads and slings. By injecting a water and silicone solution between the long and short slings, the rubber easily glides over the surface, keeping friction and heat to a minimum. This free movement also allows for safer contact with trees, reducing the risk of barking.


The HydraShake™ system by Orchard-Rite® is one of the first innovations created to make harvest season simpler and more efficient. With the first prototype, shake speed and acceleration were only available at the maximum output of the engine, which was too violent for younger trees. As technology has progressed, Orchard-Rite® has been able to precisely control the aggressiveness of the shake pattern, tailoring the shake for each size and variety of tree. HydraShake™ has given operators complete control of the shaking process, something that is unmatched by the competition.

Side Shooter®

The Side Shooter® is the precursor to the Orchard-Rite Bullet®. While it offers similarities to the Bullet®, a Monoboom™ shaker equipped with a Side-Shooter® attachment, allows for a much higher reach into the canopy. The tilt section is interchangeable, allowing growers the benefit of a down-the-row shaker while still being able to adjust back to a standard front-facing Monoboom™ when needed. This offers flexibility and versatility for growers with both large and small trees. When farmers need to harvest down-the-row, and need the extended reach of a Monoboom™, we recommend using the Side Shooter® attachment.