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Upland Farms, Sunnyside, WA

Nic Newhouse

I’m Nic Newhouse, the ranch manager for Upland Farms in Sunnyside, WA. We have over 100 wind machines in our orchards and vineyards. They are crucial during times of critical weather to keep our crops safe and profitable. The Orchard-Rite AutoStart systems on the machines are a huge help, but another problem is making sure all the machines are running.

With the addition of Orchard-Rite’s ORCell system, I am able to monitor all the machines from my phone or computer. The system shows me which machines are experiencing problems or warming up / cooling down. It allows me to monitor the orchard temperature in real time, taking the guess work out of when to run the machines. ORCell also lets me set temperatures with a push of a button, as the critical temperatures constantly change. Overall, ORCell allows me to be much more efficient and accurate at my job. It reduces wasted time night and day, and saves us on labor costs.