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G & S Mase Ltd. Piangil Victoria, Australia

Giulio Mase

Our family grows various types of Stone Fruit on our 30ha property at Piangil near Swan Hill in Victoria. We installed our first Orchard-Rite Frost Fan in early 2020. The decision was made to purchase an Orchard-Rite Frost Fan after talking with other local Stone Fruit growers about their experiences with their Orchard-Rite Frost Fans.

Having an Orchard-Rite frost fan installed on our farm has given us the feeling of security, knowing our crops are being totally protected against frost events and losses in the future. In this first year, we have found our Orchard-Rite frost fan to be 100% reliable and it fully protected the area it was purchased to cover.

The entire process, from our first discussions with the Swan Hill Kubota staff, to purchase and finally the install of our frost fan, everything was well within my expectations and the whole process ran smoothly.