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Ausco Fresh Produce, Merbein South Victoria, Australia

Craig Crouch

As one of the growers and owners at Ausco, I can say that the decision to purchase the Orchard-Rite M2600D frost fan has paid for itself this last year. It has enabled us to continue to harvest for an additional 3 to 4 weeks past other growers that do not have wind machines.

We grow snow peas, snap peas, zucchini and grapes in Merbein South, a region of Victoria and we purchased our first frost fan in 2020, and then another in 2021.

The Orchard-Rite machines were recommended to us by another local farmer that had a good experience with the M2600D frost fan. The amount of airflow created by the Orchard-Rite machines played an important roll in our decision. Peas are a difficult crop to protect because they are so low to the ground. We gave the protection of the crops an 8 out of 10 using the M2600D because of the airflow it was able to get to our crops. The durability and reliability of the machine we give 10 out of 10 and the service and back-up of Sunrise Ag, the local Orchard-Rite dealer, also 10 out of 10.

We would highly recommend the Orchard-Rite machines to any growers.